My Favorite Shelby Story

One day, Charles Fox, author of “Shelby’s Folly and the Riverside-to-Riverside Madcap Midnight Mambo”  was driving the car seen below.
In 1967 some genius at Goodyear thought there was a market for a whitewall (!) tire that could be driven safely on the street at 200 MPH.  Shel was Goodyear’s west coast race tire distributor, so they asked him if he’d build a one off test vehicle, and offered to pay him to do it.
Shelby was building the 1967 Mustang based GT 350 with the 289 small block, and the GT 500 with the 428 big block at the time.  The 427 race engine used in NASCAR and the LeMans winning GT 40 was available and bolted in.  With a little love it could make close to 500 HP.  Ol’ Shel hisself drove the car at Goodyear’s test track in Texas and it got close to 200 MPH.  Shel got to keep the car, and loaned it to the writer knowing he’d “test” it and write about it.
I once owned a supercharged 1967 GT350 that would clear 140 MPH.  One early morning I drove from Battle Mountain, Nevada, slowing for the town of Carlin, to Elko in 45 mins.   That’s 100 miles, a lot of it on 2 lanes. There were no speed limits outside of towns (wouldn’t wanna break no laws) and premium fuel was 30 cents a gallon.