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Hi Friends,

I found some pictures of Ralph Arning I thought some of you might be interested in.

Here’s Ralph with Peter Brock at the Willow Springs test:

Here he is again, with IRS at Willow:

Finally, here he is with yours truly, Jim Marietta, and Randy Richardson at the Flat Rock, Michigan plant where Mustangs are assembled.

Hope you’re all having a great Mother’s Day!

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The latest from our friends at Autowerks.tv

Hello friends

I thought you might like to see what our partner in the OVC effort, Andy Unger, is up to. Andy has helped us a lot. This episode of AutoWerkz will be of interest to my car friends.  Please take a look at what he’s doing.


Duane Carling





LAS VEGAS – (May 9, 2017) – Drivers Talk Radio, an online radio show hosted by automotive expert and championship race car driver, Rick Titus, has partnered with AutoWerkz Media Limited, an online global television network that focuses on automotive, motorcycle and motorsports programming. The collaboration enables Titus and Drivers Talk Radio to provide premium content for the network’s television channels and online network, allowing members of AutoWerkz the access to relevant, premium content they may not have otherwise seen.


“AutoWerkzTV is the premier channel in the automotive world and we’re thrilled to be aligned with the network,” said Titus. “We share values of providing premium content that inspires and educates, connecting viewers globally through a passion for all things automotive.”


AutoWerkz Media Limited consists of two channels, AutoWerkzTV and AutoWerkzTV Racing, available exclusively at autowerkz.tv, an online proprietary broadcast technology platform that allows viewers 24/7, commercial-free television programming on any device.


AutoWerkzTV offers a wide variety of automotive, motorcycle and motorsports programming, from the rock bouncers of the “Southern Rock Racing Series” to the finest Italian mobile works of art from the “Concorso Italiano” and the “Concours in the Hills.”


With the most recognizable names in the industry, episodes include Dennis Gage’s “My Classic Car” and Stacey David’s “GearZ.” In addition, Nathan Adlen presents new car and destination reviews in “About An Hour.” In depth interviews can be found on “Legends of Racing” featuring Peter Brock, Bob Bondurant and Arie Lyuendyk (among others).
AutoWerkzTV broadcasts both original programming, as well as content created by partner curators, like “Drivers Talk Radio.


“At AutoWerksTV, we’ve partnered with trusted experts, friends and colleagues in the automotive industry who boast tremendous integrity and experience and Rick Titus is a prime example,” said Andy Ungar at AutoWerkz Media Limited. “With his history and vast automotive knowledge, Rick and the Drivers Talk Radio team provide content that is aspirational, inspirational and educational, making them an invaluable member of our global community.”

Drivers Talk Radio reviews the newest vehicles in the automotive marketplace, discusses the most controversial automotive topics and conducts live interviews with the industry’s movers and shakers. For more information and a calendar of upcoming shows, please visit driverstalkradio.com. Find Drivers Talk Radio and Rick Titus on Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn  and YouTube.

For more information on AutoWerkz TV, visit autowerkz.tv and Facebook.


About Drivers Talk Radio/Rick Titus

Hosted by automotive expert, Rick Titus, Drivers Talk Radio is a broad-reaching program that discusses the automotive industry in an informative and entertaining fashion. The show includes interviews with the industry’s top movers and shakers, discussions of the most controversial automotive topics, current reviews of vehicles and products and consumer tips. In its 13th year of production, Drivers Talk Radio has won 20 prestigious International Automotive Media Conference (IAMC) awards and has reviewed more than 400 vehicles.


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