What Happened in Vegas

This has been a busy couple of weeks for the O.V.C. crew.  We were invited to show our car in the Ford booth at the Mandalay Bay / Barrett Jackson auction in Las Vegas.

After a visit to the Shelby Museum just south of the Strip, we headed for the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  Just for fun we DROVE the car down the Las Vegas Strip.

After setting off a few car alarms driving into the Center, Ford spotted us right up front, the first thing guests saw as they stepped off the elevator.  Nice exposure.

We were there from the 18th to the 22nd, and I took the opportunity several times to see whom had the most people looking, our 50 year old Shelby race car, or the new offerings from Ford.  We were usually the winner by a fair margin.  People just love the old Mustangs.  “I used to have one just like that.  Wish to h— I’d never sold it!” was a real common refrain.

Monday the 25th we took the car to The Streets of Willow at Willow Springs  race  track.  We’ve been to the “Big Willow” track many times, but never the tighter  “Little   Willow” track.  The car was flawless (I almost want to say as usual) but solid build quality and thorough preparation raises the odds of success…usually.

Another magazine crew was there to test drive the new Ford GT that won Le Mans last year.  A fuse failed on one of the 2 fuel pumps, and a frantic effort to score a replacement from a handy Ford F-150 ensued.  A good reason to always have your tow vehicle the same brand as your race  car…in case ya need a few parts!

Mike Floyd in the passenger seat…,John Morton, a.k.a. The Gun Fighter at the wheel.









The Chief Editor of Automobile Magazine, Mike Floyd, did a test drive, and his in house driver Andy Pilgrim did some hot laps.  Watch for a future issue of Automobile for their impressions.  Their photographer got lots of pictures in various lights, as the sun transited the sky.  Good day.

L to R: Andy, Jim Marietta, and John

Our next stop is the SEMA show (Specialty Equipment Market Association).  Five days of fun & schoozing.  I’ll check in with you next week with lots of pics & info on what’s new.

Setting up the Ford booth at SEMA