A Christmas Story

Here’s a Christmas memory from Ralph Arning’s (Klaus Arning’s son’s) wife, Pam:

Christmas Eve is very special to me. It was 27 years ago today that Ralph proposed!

I think the funniest is how he did it. He didn’t tell a soul – not even his parents or his BFF, Dave, or me, of course!

Ralph always took his mom out Christmas shopping for the family gifts and she asked him what he was getting me for Christmas. He told her that I really liked his bathrobe, so he wanted to get me a big bathrobe. Well, she didn’t go along with that, to say the least, and tried to steer him into a jewelry store. Ralph often bought jewelry as presents for his mom.

When they got home, Ralph’s mom had said to his dad, ‘Klaus Arning – YOUR son bought Pam a BATHROBE!” (like it was his fault that his son did that). All this is even funnier because my in laws sounded like Boris and Natasha and were very animated, being that my mother in law was Dutch and my father in law was German.

We went to my mom’s house first for Christmas and there was that big box – which did hold the new bathrobe. After I opened that, I saw a small box still under the tree. That’s when Ralph proposed.

Later we had gone to my in laws and his mom gave Ralph the ‘evil’ eye and asked him, “Vell (‘well’ in Dutch – haha), how did Pam like the BATHROBE?! Ralph’s response, “she loved the bathrobe, but she liked the engagement ring even better.”. First time I saw my mother in law speechless – and my father in law’s face was priceless – he had his arms crossed and smirked as if to say, “Told you so – give me some credit” – 

Happy Engage-iversary to my ever-loving, wonderful husband. Love you bunches, Ralphie!

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